U.S. named top country for entrepreneurs using business to do good: 2016 poll

September 26, 2016 All News, USA 0 Comments

The United States is the best country for business leaders seeking to tackle social problems, according to the first experts’ poll on the top nations in the Thomson Reuters Foundation survey of almost 900 social enterprise experts in the world’s 45 biggest economies. The poll was conducted online between June 9 and July 15, polling 20 experts in each country. Most experts, 85 percent, said the number of social entrepreneurs finding ways of combining business with social purpose was growing although there is little data tracking the sector. Experts said the lack of public understanding is exacerbated by varying definitions of social entrepreneurs. A common definition is someone using a business to solve social problems. The experts said boosting public understanding could build greater awareness and put pressure on governments and financial institutions to support social enterprises which only have specific legal status and tax breaks in some countries. More info source